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Don't play any old "5 in a row" game, try a new twist on the classic game with 5of99!

5of99 takes the basic "5 in a row" game like Gomoku or Renju (sometimes just called "Go", gomokunarabe, omok, Pente or "Go Bang") and adds some new twists which makes the game more exciting and challenging for everyone from beginner to expert. The 5of99 game board is a 10 by 10 grid, but instead of just playing anywhere you want, you are dealt cards which limit where you can play for each turn. Each game card is numbered for a spot on the game board from 0 to 99. You then try and get "5 of 99" spots on the board in a row to win, and so the name of the game is "5of99".

Learn more about the game 5of99, and the rules for play.