Achievements, Points & the Leader Board

5of99 offers many different achievements that you can earn both during play of the game as well as when the game completes (win or lose). Each achievement is given a base point value when earned, but the total points you earn with an achievement will depend on the difficulty of the game setup you are playing. The base points are multiplied by this difficulty factor to determine the total points earned. Playing against a "Basic" opponent is a 1x multiplier, against "Intermediate" is a 1.5x multiplier and against an "Advanced" opponent is 2x. If you have two opponents, this multiplier is added together for a total maximum multiplier of 4x (playing against two "Advanced" opponents). Currently most achievements are earned based on how you win the game. Try and get as many achievements as possible during play to increase the number of points you earn.

Why Earn Points? The Leader Board Top 50!

Points you earn during play will be totaled up and saved to our achievements tracking system (Internet connection required). Based on these points, you will earn a "level" (a formula based on your points). This is the basis for the Leader Board Top 50 you can view by selecting the "Achievements & Leader Board" button and then "Top 50 Leader Board". Players are ranked in this Top 50 by the points they have earned. Your rank is also shown if it is within the top 1000 players. Players ranked below this will not have an actual rank calculated until their points are high enough to rank in the top 1000 players.

Note that you must have a user name account setup to view your saved achievements and the Leader Board Top 50. This will allow you to share your position with others and identify yourself on the list of players easily. This account will also allow you access to online multiplayer games when they become available.