Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ


Q: Does the computer make mistakes on purpose OR How does the computer AI work?

A:There are three difficulty levels (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced) that the computer opponent uses to determine the best play for it to make in the game. Each difficulty level uses a slightly different approach to this analysis, and so generally speaking the "Basic" opponent will not try as hard to find the best move to make while the "Advanced" player will try a few math based calculations to determine the best play. None of the opponents are perfect, and they will likely improve with new releases as we continue to find new strategies, so mistakes will be made from time to time that may seem strange to a human player. If you find something particularly strange, let us know and we can try to improve the system in future updates.


Q: Does the computer player cheat or is the deck stacked?

A:The simple answer is, No, it does not cheat and does not stack the deck against the player in any way. In fact, the game uses multiple true random source for it's shuffling and other random logic choices in the game from the secure random data provided through an Internet connection to our servers whenever available. This random data source is from a few different systems, but they are all based on the laws of quantum mechanics and are regularly audited.

Q: Why do you need "Full Internet Access"?

A:There are three aspects to the requirement for Internet access in the game. The first is in support of online multiplayer games. The second is for the purpose of providing the game achievements systems and the Leader Board Top 50 system as well as to provide random number data for shuffling/etc. The third reason is to support the ability of the game to know when it has a problem (like a crash in the game) as well as to provide anonymouse usage statistics so we can continue to make the game better.


Q: How are player levels calculated?

A:Player levels in 5of99 are based on a formula processed against the number of points a player has. This is not a linear progression, but instead as your level goes up it will become harder for you to earn the next level. The main breaks at which the points required to get to the next level change are:

Level 50: Next level starts at 8800 points and goes up for each 800 points earned.
Level 82: Next level starts at 35600 points and goes up for each 1600 points earned.
Level 89: Next level starts at 53400 points and goes up for each 6400 points earned.
Level 99: Next level starts at 143000 points and goes up for each 32000 points earned.